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factoryOur factory is founded 5km to Elazığ-Kovancılar town from which transportation is provided to 18 Province in East Anatolio and which is on the route of international roads. In the middle of year 2000 our factory is built ın 120 decares and with it’s office part it has 3400 m² of closed area.


Our firm, which makes production by the latest technology in it’s sector and which complete in the world market by supplying raw material from the district it is build on, sets an important example by it’s tehnologies used Turkey and region.


Our primary goal is to increase our power to complete and to be a leader in Turkey geography through our strategies that will be set by using the latest technology in production and by researching the world market in our district.


Our first principle is the consumer satisfaction. We have the most effective standards, like Europan DIN Standarts, of our day Our production, with a systematic and efficient work, takes firm steps forward in the way to reach target point.

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FACTORY: Elazığ Bingöl road Kovancılar - Elazığ / Turkey0090 424 611 59 47 - 48-0090 424 611 58 98

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